Saturday, March 20, 2010

천세: Last day.

My time here has been such an interesting and unexpected experience.
There were good times, bad times, boring times, and fun times.

I think that working here has truly been a blessing now that I can look back on the time that I had here. The people were so kind to me. The workload was always more than manageable. Aside from waking up early, I had absolutely nothing to complain about. I had it made.

But not everyone is having the time of their life at the company. A lot of people (everyone?) are stressed out, tired, and exhausted. So I really tried to use all the energy I had to make them happy or to give them some of my energy. More than anything though, I wanted to leave a good and lasting impression on the people I worked with.

I gave a final speech before I left the company, and in that speech, I suggested to everyone that on the days that they're feeling down, the days that they're bored, and the days that just seem to never end, to think about me and smile... if not laugh.

Hopefully, the time that I was able to spend with my co-workers, I was able to make fond memories for them to reminiscence on those slow, boring, sad days. I'm gonna miss them. I'm really going to miss them. :(

Lastly, I told them that if we didn't share a memory together, just remember this dance.

This dance is called: Superman.

You are about to witness the very first (and probably last) dance performance at Cheonsei Industries!