Thursday, November 11, 2010

Europe collage #4

These were taken in Denmark, Sweden, and Prague.
I miss the thrill of travel...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Europe collage #3

November is here. I was looking through my external hard-drive perusing through my past folders. I have a folder titled "My 21st Year". There's a lot of stuff in there. I definitely lived it up that year. However, there's not much that's going to go into "My 22nd Year". Sadly.

A year has flown by.
The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series.
Jeremy Lin in now a Golden State Warrior.
A new state governor is to be elected.
Both my siblings are in college now.
I've been at this company for almost a year now.
Starting to become complacent.
Getting too comfortable.
Think it's time to pick up the pace of life a little.

Time to kick some ass.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Europe collage #2

Work is getting pretty busy these days... I think this is going to be the last post for a while... dang.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Europe collage #1

Gonna make a few more of these...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I was lucky enough to visit 안동 during the days following 추석.
There I met and hung out with a good friend of mine, Blossom, at the 하회마을. The weather was perfect! All the vegetation was vibrant in color and the sky were spotted with unflavored cotton candy clouds. My friend said to me in the car during our drive, "지금 밖에 우리나라 안 같아..." [Right now, it doesn't seem like we're in Korea.] The green was too green, the sky was too clear, the air was too fresh, everything was a little too perfect. It was a good trip. ^^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

홍대+ Church 누나s [Sisters]

Went to 홍대 [Hong-Dae] last weekend and they were having yet another creative event. 홍대 is a college town where everyone is free to express themselves through whatever media they choose. People paint the walls of the streets, play music in the parks, dance on corners of blocks, sell home-made clothing and jewelery, and sometimes just do random things that don't really make any sense to normal, non-artsy people.

It's kind of like the Berkley of Seoul.

The pictures below are from an event where they handed out a huge square serving of 떡 (Rice bread?) and a plastic ball. Eat the 떡 and doodle on the ball. After one finished doodling, they place the ball in one of the holes in the wall. Didn't get the point, but uhh... it was kind of cool lookin?

These are the 누나s from my church.

The one on the way right is just a visitor, but the one next to her is a TV show host. She's on TV a few times a week as the leading host. She's nice. Aside from her, everyone else has a design background. They majored in Illustration, Photography, Product Design, and Interior Design (from left to right). So cool.

We ate 팟빙수 (Shaved Ice) and it was yummy.

I think I kind of went overboard with the lens flares. I need to figure out a new element to editing. Frigginayyy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Choir Practice

My cousin asked me to take some pictures for his choir. I really like the group shots.

You can see people bustin' up at my lame Korean jokes.
Whatever gets a smile, right? :)

P.S. I tried to make a watermark (iN ate) then I realized that the "i" in the beginning has been unofficially trademarked by Apple. I hate Apple. It was supposed to be "iNate" like "innate". Thought I was being original. Back to the drawing board.