Friday, April 2, 2010

부산!! [Busan!!]

I had the opportunity to go on a trip to 부산 and 제주도 [Busan and Jeju Island] last week. I can't believe that it was only a week ago that I was having the time of my life without a care in the world. I just have to hold on to these pictures and remember the feeling and moment of when I was traveling again. I feel so alive when I'm on the move. With nothing holding me back, with no clue where I'm going, with the intent of finding the soul of the place that I'm in... that's when I really feel alive.

These are pictures from the first and second day of the trip. Busan is a beautiful city with loud, course, but warm-hearted people. 가봔냐? Love the accent (사투리) and just the feel of the city. It's so different from Seoul, but at the same time so similar.

I owe a special thanks to Katie!
You were such a good guide/host!
Thanks to you I was able to see "the real Busan"! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

(The Jeju pictures should be up within the next week... exclusively on this site! lol)


Andrew said...

nice pictures. you're not updating on your flickr anymore?

Story of NY. said...

it's just kinda redundant... lol.

Andrew said...

true that. i liked the shoe one from facebook.