Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day.

I really wish I could be with my family eating a hotdog or a steak. Or both.

I'm pretty sure everyone is driving over to Redwood City right about now. They're sitting around talking about whatever. The kids are upstairs or in Andrew's room playing games or watching a movie. It'll be the first 4th of July without me there. I wonder what that's gonna be like? Hahaha probably not as obnixious.

For lunch, I'll be eating Korean food. Again. Koreans say they have a variety of food here, but it's all Korean and it's all hot and spicey. You can argue with me, but Korean food is all very, very, very similar. I am a man with a colorful-global palate. For crying out loud, they don't have any other type of cheese aside from the Kraft singles kind! Lol. They serve that crap at restaurants like it's a novelty. They eat it with toothpicks! The sheets of cheese that come in the plastic is cut up and then eating with toothpicks! I did that when I was a little kid to pretend I was grown up and sophistimicated!! I have to keep telling myself not to judge... but it's so difficult sometimes.

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